Desperation Specs

Bought when I lost my regular sunglasses. Looked surprisingly ok!

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Edit 2/10/11:  I've also added a daily collage blog with Excheckered.

Edit 5/13/11: Aaaand I've added a weekly-ish embroidery project too with Threadjacker. No, I don't sleep very much.

(Original painting available in my Etsy shop.)

Pink Headphones

Work really well when my hair is pink. When it's brown, not so much.

(image size: 5"X8", location:  Bloomington Illinois)

Infinity Sunglasses

When you wear these, you can see that monolith from "2010". J/k, nerd. Calm down.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original painting in my Etsy shop.

Swedish Hat

Much more kick ass than that Von Dutch bullshit ever was.

(image size: 5"x8")

Hidden Zebra Sunglasses

Nothing says class like hidden animal print. *snort laugh*

(image size: 5"x8")

Original painting in my Etsy shop.

Leopard Flocked Sunglasses

Super tacky which is what makes them awesome.

(image size: 5"x8")

Black Jackie O Sunglasses

Go great with a pink pillbox hat.

(image size: 5"X8")

Orange Tint Sunglasses

Makes everything look post apocalyptic.

(image size: 5"X8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.

Pink Jackie O Sunglasses

These would be perfect if they weren't slightly reflective.

(image size 5"x8")

Original in my Etsy shop.

Fake Fire

Great for when you want to make fake S'mores.

(image size: 5"X8")

Little Bro's Gloworm

I have no idea how this came into my possession.

(image size: 5"X8", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction)

Dubble Bubble

Great for two seconds then it suck-diddly-ucks, Flanders.

(image size: 5"X8")

Mary Jane Candy

Insert your own weed joke here.

(image size: 5"X8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.

Vanilla Tootsie Roll

I like these better than the chocolate ones.

(image size: 5"X8")

Salt Water Taffy

For those days when you want to feel like you're at a tourist trap.

(image size: 5"X8")

Green Tea Bear

A wonderful gift from Jens! Thank, Jens!

(image size: 5"x8", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction)


Love them even though I can't use them properly.

(image size: 5"x8")

Large Blue Ring

My favorite $5 ring.

(image size: 5"X8")

Owl Bottlecap

I forget what kind of beer but I remember that I drank it in DC.

(image size: 5"X8")

Vader Lego Keychain

I would make the Vader breathing noise right now if I could.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original availabe in my Etsy shop.

Army Guy

Cool even tho I grew up in an Air Force family.

(image size: 5"X8")

Spare Key to Nothing

Doesn't open anything but has a nice shape.

(image size: 5"X8")

Bendy Robot

Kinda' the opposite of Bender.

(image size: 5"X8", location: Worthing, UK)

Parachuteless Man

Looks almost like he's in traction.

(image size: 5"X8")

"Doctor Who" Contest!

The contest is now over.

Please know that all three cards are available in my shop both individually (1, 2, 3) and in a 6 pack.

One last note: This blog will be ending on Dec 31st! My next project, Skull Diggery, will be starting on 1.1.10! Hope to see you there!

New Paintings Listed in my Etsy Shop!

I've added many of the paintings from this site to my Etsy store!

Why not browse the shop?

One Eared Plastic Super German Shepherd

Used to join the collie in flight. Not sure how it lost an ear.

(image size: 5"X8")

Ubiquitous White Earbuds

I actually hate these but I do appreciate how small they are.

(image size: 5"X8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.

Plastic Super Collie

When I was little it used to fly over Lake Michigan (i.e. the toilet) while tied to a string.

(image size: 5"X8")

Coffee Butler

Is the best kind of butler.

(image size: 5"X8")

Fisher Price Giraffe

Giraffes always remind me of models. You know, minus the spots.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original painting available in my Etsy shop.

Running Doe

Is not quite a faster pussycat kill, killing.

(image size: 5"X8")

Radio Free Kitty

Set to KEXP.

(image size: 5"X8", location: Dortmund, Germany)

1980s Snoopy

Has moved with me over 30 times.

(image size: 5"X8", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Badly Sculpted Stag

Can fit on a dime.

(image size: 5"x8")

Grazing Doe

Eats only Astroturf.

(image size: 5"x8")

Plush Parrot

Tends to look dead as it won't sit up straight.

(image size: 5"X8", location: Worthing, UK)

Urban Craft Uprising Button

Don't forget that I'll be vending at UCU tomorrow and Sun!

(image size: 5"x8")

Urban Craft Uprising is THIS WEEKEND!

Just a reminder that Urban Craft Uprising is THIS WEEKEND, Dec 4-5, 11a-5p!

Drop by my table (#66! Rakkadeer!) and say hi! Maybe purchase something if you'd like! I've got Stupid F--king Awesome paintings and cards for sale as well as some Suspect and Fugitive cards!

Can't make it to the show? Why not check out my Etsy store!

Hope to see you there!

Fawn with Spine Problems

Would benefit from some physical therapy.

(image size: 5"x8", location:  London, UK)


Is the greatest monster at the end of any book.

(image size: 5"x8", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Flocked Stag

Has detachable antlers.

(image size: 5"x8")


Knows that not easy being green.

(image size: 5"x8", sold at UCU, location unknown))