The camera body is so heavy! It's a solid piece of tech!

(image size: 5"x8", sold at UCU, location unknown))


$3 at a Memphis Thrift Store.

(image size: 5"x8", location: Seattle, WA)


Sometimes makes me wonder what's Cinext.

(image sizeL 5"x8", location: Seattle, WA)

it's contest season!

since i'm vending at urban craft uprising in december, i'm having a contest every other week until the show!

this week, i'm giving away these two paintings to one lucky winner!

if you'd like to enter to win, click here for details!

Uniflex II

It's, like, the Uniflex sequel.

(image size: 5"x8", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Goofy Small Cherry Blossom Notebook

So full of awesome secrets that it should have big hair.

(image size: 5"x8")


'Cause both "Uncharteds" are fucking awesome.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.


Primarily used for Netflix. Although "Lips" is good...

(image size: 5"8", location: Seattle, WA)

Original available in my Etsy shop.

I'm Going to be a Vendor at UCU!

Great news, guys! I'm going to be selling paintings, cards, buttons, etc at Urban Craft Uprising in Dec! Go on, check the vendor list!

I'm so excited! I'll be providing updates as they become available. There will also be quite a few contests that I'll announce! As for now, it's time to get to work! Hooray!

Hope to see you in Seattle in December!


Still used primarily to play "Animal Crossing". Shut up.

(image size: 5"x8", location, Seattle, WA)

Original available in my Etsy shop.

No New Painting Yet

I've slept 28 of the last 30 hours and will probably continue in that fashion today. Sometime this week though, I'll get caught up here.

Back Sometime Next Week.

2010 is not going to cut me a break. I've just gotten doc's orders today to be on bedrest until Monday with, get this, NO TALKING. Hoo-fucking-ray. Remind me why I bother getting out of bed?

See you next week sometime. Apologies, etc.

Vinyl Henson Monster

Not a Muppet but still really cool!

(image size: 5"X8", location: San Luis Obispo, CA)

HK Bubbles

Sudsy kawaii!

(image size: 5"x8", location: Pontypridd, UK)

Kaiju Big Battel Trading Cards


(image size: 5"X8")


Badly sculpted but still quick!

(image size: 5"x8")

Sorry Stamp

I apologize so much that now I just rubber stamp it.

(image size: 5"x8")

Botan Rice Candy Magnet

Was a sticker, now a magnet. Candy's still meh, though.

(image size: 5"x8")

MFA Boston Tag

"Watson and the Shark", bitches!

(image size: 5"x8", location: Boston, MA)


I know you're supposed to return these but I love MCA too much! (Read: souvenir)

(image size: 5"x8")

Mini Neko

Smaller than a dime and still lucky.

(image size: 5"x8")

Rainbow Ball

Please don't mention any double ones. I was over that before it even started.

(image size: 5"x8")

Star Ball

Superheroish and bouncy.

(image size: 5"x8")


Super versatile and often overlooked.

(image size: 5"x8")

Mint Moon Pie

Kinda' gross. Still, better than no Moon Pie at all.

(image size: 5"x8")

Peanut Butter Moon Pie

The tastiest of the crunchy Moon Pies.

(image size: 5"x8")

Banana Moon Pie

These are a lot saltier than I remember them being.

(image size: 5"x8")