Moofia 2

'Cause I'm way lactose tolerant.

(image size: 5"x8")


It's a perfectly cromulent word.

(image size: 5"x8")

Wai Wai Animal

No Wai Wai! Yes, Wai Wai, Ted!

(image size: 3"x3")

Range Murata Pinky No. 2

Grey hair before it was trendy. And then not again.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.

Strangely Seated Murata Mini Fig

From a blind box assortment. Looks like it should be doing a pee dance.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original available in my Etsy shop.

Range Murata Pinky

A very quick and tiny Murata today.

(image size: 3"x3")

Range Murata Mini Fig

This may become a Range Murata week.

(image size: 4"x6")

Sweet Coron Mini Plush

It's the bees knees. *Ba doom ching* I'll be here all week. Try the lobster.

(image size: 4"x6", location: Aurich, Germany)

White Glue

I love this stuff simply 'cause I enjoy peeling it off my hand after it's dry.

(image size: 4"x6")

Decapitated Pochacco Clip

Remnant from an adorable blood ritual or Happy Meal tie in?

(image size: 4"x6", location: Aurich, Germany)

Purple Plush Peep

I'm a purple peeple eater. I don't munch on plush, however.

(image size: 4"x6")

Vinyl Mario

Of the fire variety.

(image size: 4"x6", sold at UCU, location unknown)

Plastic Enid

I think Enid is the hotness but I'm glad my hair no longer looks like hers.

(image size: 4"x6", location: Tamuning, Guam)

Green Plush Guy

Bought at Plush You 2? 3?? Sadly, can't remember artist's name.

(image size: 4"x6")

Cat in the Hat Papercraft (from Jo)

The Ted Geisel version and not that Mike Myers abomination.

(image size: 3"x4.5")

Link if you'd like to make your own papercraft Cat in the Hat! (Thanks, Noah!)

Playmobil Hazmat Guy

Sadly, this could be the suit of the future.

(image size: 3"x4.5")

Plush Lovebird

Bought at UCU in 2006. Wish I could remember who made it.

(image size: 6"x9")

Tokidoki Hot Dog

Came with a Cactus Pup? No, I won't make a Hipster Grifter joke.

(image size: 3"x3")


Not of the popper variety.

(image size: 4"X6")

Bird Whistle

Better than a duck call.

(image size: 5"x6", location: Springfield, TN)

Back Monday

'Cause I need a short vacation.

Pics from the Opening

Thanks to those of you who made it to the opening last night! Here are a few pictures for the people who couldn't be there.

More photos from last night can be seen in the flickr set.

Cad Oil Paint

Toxic? Sure! But it's still a great color!

(image size: 6"x9")

Last reminder: Opening for the Stupid F--king Awesome show is TONIGHT at Nancy from 6p-9p! Drop by! Maybe purchase a SFA painting for your very own!

Final Stages

In the final stages of show prep. I still need to weed out two more paintings.

Don't forget! The opening is TOMORROW NIGHT at Nancy from 6p-9p! Hope to see you there!

Sour Cherry Gum

Even better than Black Jack

(image size: 6"x3")

Pete Folwer Monsterism

Pete Fowler's character design is wonderful.

(image size: 6"x6")

Don't Forget! SFA Opening This Friday!

Make sure to drop by Nancy on Friday night any time between 6p-9p!

Also, check out the Jessie LeDoux show next door at Schmancy while you're there!

Meowmi Button

Adorable + designy!

(image size: 4"x6")


Are best when they're new.

(image size: 4.5" x 6")


One of many pairs that I've worn throughout my life.

(image size: 9"x12")

Cup Noodle Mug

Used mainly for coffee and not noodles.

(image size: 4"x5.5")


A nobrainer, right? (Why, yes! I DO have an Etsy shop! Thanks for asking!)

(image size: 4"x5.5")

Starting to Feel Better

New painting by this afternoon! Thanks for your patience!