This Year. Christ.

Just so you know that I haven't forgotten about you, Leff and I are waiting on test results. We know that we don't have strep. It's possible we both might have mono. This is why I've been persona no posta, no photo.

I'll try to get some paintings up soon. Do know that the show will still be up at Nancy and that I will complete this 365 project despite the fact that 2010 apparently hates my fucking guts. (The feeling is mutual, you bastard year.)

Back soon.

Probably Back Tomorrow...

...or later this afternoon if I'm feeling better.

Dino Squirt Gun

With a tragically misplaced trigger.

(image size: 5"x6.5")

Buttercup Sharpener

Sharpening your pencils before bedtime.

(image size: 5"x6.5", location: Seattle, WA)

Bowling Pin

You know the only reason I like this pin is because it's a pun, right?

(image size: 4.5"x6")


The event page for the show opening is now up. RSVP if you'd like! Reminders are nice things!

Re-ment Sushi

Re-Ment is the only plastic Japanese food that I can afford. (I would love some of the expensive stuff though!)

(image size: 4.5"x6")

The Show Cards Have Arrived!

And, imho, they look great! Now to get them in the mail/to stores/galleries, etc!

Don't forget, the opening is Friday, July 9 from 6p-9p at Nancy! Hope to see you there!

If you can't wait to get your hands on a painting, I have some for sale in my Etsy shop or through Bluebottle.

This Goofy Pirate

Pirates are as over as cupcakes and bacon but I still like this little guy.

(image size: 3" x 4.5", location:  Asbury, IA)

Pants' Gnome

It would be even more awesome if it was returned.

(image size: 3" x 4.5" location: Durham, NC)

Weird Sympathetic Alligator Type Thing

Resembles a shrink minus the DSM, copay and thinly reserved judgement.

(image size: 6"x9")


*PEEEEeeeeooow!* H. K. In. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

(image size: 6"x9")

Bobbleheaded Black Cat

Particularly awesome because of the suggestive shadow it casts.

(image size: 6"x9")

HK Phone Charm

You can be on the phone as the same time as Kitty! *Lucille Austero voice* "How grand!"

(image size: 6"x9")

Domo Slurpee Cup

Slurpees taste best in monster cups. Or with copious amounts of booze.

(image size: 6"x9")

Saturn Robot

A gift from Scrapatorium many years ago! Thanks, Angelica!

(image size: 6"x9", location: Seattle, WA)

Weird Dino Spoon

From Kate. I think that it was originally a '90s cereal box prize?

(image size: 6"x9", location: Seattle, WA)

Rascal + Devil Robots Plush Raccoon

Cute but top heavy which makes it difficult to display.

(image size: 6"x9")

New Painting Tomorrow. Right Now, the Show Card!

Things are getting better here. Thanks for all of the email!

My nose will be back to the grindstone tomorrow. Tonight, however, Leff and I are working on the card for the Stupid Fucking Awesome Show at Nancy! It should go to print tomorrow.

Anyway, the opening is Friday, July 9 from 6p-9p! Hope to see you there!

Back Soon

Without getting too in depth into something that I don't wish to talk about in public, some dreadful business is happening with some relatives of mine. I need a few days to clear my head. I'll be back very soon. Promise.

The show will still open on July 9. Thanks for your patience.

Next Opening, July 9 at Nancy!

Warning: Lack of brevity. Again.

Thanks to everyone who came to Bluebottle last night!

But now onto the next show! On July 9th, I'll be showing small mixed media drawings from this blog at Nancy! Remember the robot? Yeah, he's going to be for sale there!

The opening is in conjunction with a block party in Belltown and will be from 6p-9p on that Friday. Should be lots of fun!

If you'd like to purchase a painting before then, head on over to my Etsy shop!

Hope to see you there!

The Old Holiday Inn Sign

I lived in a Holiday Inn with the old sign for two weeks. It was wonderful. (Card was a present from Dr. Fusbender.)

(image size: 6"x9")

suspect and fugitive opening is TONIGHT!!

don't forget! the opening for the "suspect and fugitive" show at bluebottle is TONIGHT from 5p-8p!

paintings! stenciled cookies! a limited run of "cosby with the pudding" prints! see, three reasons right there to go!

pieces are still available online!

hope to see you tonight!

Plush Buttercup

A present from Katty Kat a long time ago.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Dortmund, Germany)

Don't forget, the opening for the Suspect and Fugitive show at Bluebottle is TONIGHT from 5p-8p! Hope to see you there!

Tiny Plush Totoro

Goes well with the Catbus.

(image size: 6"x9", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Another Tarepanda

'Cause two are better than one.

(image size: 6"x9", sold at UCU, location unknown)

Bobbleheaded Bun Guy (Kogepan)

I can't believe I've forgotten this guy's name. I have a trillion stickers of him!

(image size: 6"x9")

(Thanks to Gentian O for remembering Kogepan's name!)

Vinyl Faye

I love this fig 'cause out of my Bebop minis, she's sculpted the worst. Mitts for hands.

(image size: 6"x9")


Is probably the best movie I've seen all year!

(image size: 6"x9")

This Anime Girl

Bought 'cause it was cute not 'cause I like whichever show (or whatever) it's from.

(image size: 6"x9")

Another Plastic Skull

For the "Goonies" 25th Anniversary. 'Cause they never say die and all that shit.

(image size: 6"x9")

Fake Chocolate Cone

The fake chocolate looks even more, um, craplike irl. Which is why it's funny.

(image size: 6"x9")

Companion Kokeshi

Goes well with the other plastic kokeshi.

(image size: 6"x9")

Fake Onigiri

Irl, they would probably be spicy.

(image size: 6"x9")

Wool Deer Patch

Bought at I ♥ Rummage a billion years ago. Can't remember who made it.

(image size: 6"x9")

Moss Magnet

Time to catch up. I'll start with this magnet from an old college friend.

(image size: 6"x9")

P.S.-- New installation shots at Suspect and Fugitive.