A Stupid Fucking Awesome Show!

You guys already know about my show at Bluebottle in June based on Suspect and Fugitive, right? (show preview here.)

Well, in July, there's going to be a Stupid Fucking Awesome show at Nancy!

I don't have all of the details worked out yet but I believe that it's going to be timed with Belltown's Art Walk. I'll get you more info as soon as it becomes available.

In the mean time, if you can't wait to get you hands on a SFA piece, head over to my Etsy store!

Hope to see you at one or BOTH of the openings!

New paintings should be posted here within the week! Sorry for the break!

The Presale for my Solo Show has Started!

Go check out 10 of the finished images for the show here!

On Sabbatical

There's too much going on at the moment so I need to shelve this project until June. If you need to see what I'm up to during that time, check out solo show updates here or here. Also, personal blog here.

Will be back and playing catch up in early June! See you in a little over a week or so!

Strange Plastic Kokeshi

Bought at a yard sale for 25 cents. I think it held soap??

(image size: 6"x9")

HK Magnet

A present from Groc! Thanks, Groc!

(image size: 6"x9")

Blue Skull

I think that everyone has one of these goofy things lying around.

(image size: 6"x9")

Fried Egg Egg Cup

A present from Jme! Thanks again!

(image size: 6"x9")

Miffy Pouch

Money, cards, gloss, keys, phone. Miffy carries it all.

(image size: 6"x9")

Little Bruce

Might have made tapes. Very tiny ones.

(image size: 6"x9")


The complete series. Best early bday present EVER!

(image size: 6"x9")

Grey Guy

I wish that I remembered which series he's from.

(image size: 6"x9")

Orange Ape

Kingly in a kongly way.

(image size: 6"x9")

Naked Panda Z

Although, be honest. Aren't most animals naked under their fur? (Sam the U.S. Eagle misquote)

(image size: 6"x9")

Papercraft Emily

Another SFA thing from Jo! Thanks, Jo!

(image size: 6"x9")

HK Head

From Jo! Thank you, Jo!

(image size: 6"x9")

Insurgents Rhino

I wish that I knew where his toy gun was.

(image size: 6"x9")

Hi, Skull-A-Day Readers!

Thanks for clicking through! Also, thanks to Noah for the kind words and link!

Not related directly to SFA, I'm running a weekly contest on my old 365 blog, Suspect and Fugitive, throughout the month of May.

If you'd like to enter to win an Audrey Corn(e) Meal Card, the contest is open until 5pm (pacific daylight) today! Simply email me with "Audrey Card Contest" as the subject. There's no need to include anything in the body of the email.

(More details than you'd ever need about the contest are here No, I won't be compiling your email address into a list. I hate spam too.)

The Audrey card contest is now over. A new contest will be up tomorrow at Suspect and Fugitive before 10 am edt/7am pdt. Please check back for a chance to win!

Green Monster

Not of the green eyed variety, however.

(image size: 6"x9")

This Book That I Can't Read

Is in another language (not English) and has a nice cover.

(image size: 6"x9")

"Reading is Sexy" Button

Not much else is sexier.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Memphis, TN)

Get some of your own Sarah Utter stuff! (No, post was not paid.)


I think it may be a cake topper?

(image size: 6"x9", location: Stevens Point, WI)

Jason, Texas Ranger

I only wish that it said "Walker".

(image size: 6"x9")

Glow in the Dark Dino

It's like finding fossils in the dark!

(image size: 6"x9", location: Bristol, UK)

Disabled Creature

Missing half of his toes.

(image size: 6"x9")

Squeaky Red Truck

Reminds me of my painting prof's truck.

(image 6"x9")

Stupid F Awesome Originals for Sale!

Selected paintings from the site are now for sale in my Etsy shop!

Mayfield Magnet

One thing I really miss about TN is their Superman ice cream.

(image size: 6"x9")