Fisher Price Elephant

I think I've had this guy as long as Woodstock.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Reading, UK)

Pink Elephant Drink Marker

What better way to mark your drink than with a caricature?

(image size: 6"x9", location: West Chester, PA)

Wind Up Turtle

Why, yes. I *do* have a penchant for wind up toys.

(image size: 6"x9")

Plastic Caveman

Australopithecus boisei or just some generic schlub?

(image size: 6"x9")

Wind Up Woodstock

Has been moving with me for over 30 years and still works.

(image size: 6"x9", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Fisher Price Horse

Goes well with the sheep.

(image size: 6"x9")

Wind Up Skull

Glows in the dark and chomps its teeth.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Stevens Point, WI)

Self Promotion Time: It's a Book!

Apologies for the lack of brevity but I thought I'd self promote a bit.

On my other blogs, I've been hinting around that Noah (you know, Noah! He rocks!) has included me in one of his upcoming projects. Well, now I've got the official news!

I'm included in his new book, 365: A Daily Creativity Journal due out on Dec 15, 2010 from Voyageur!

I'll post more details as they become available. In the mean time, check out the 365 that I didn't complete due to time constraints or my first 365 which is the basis for a show at Bluebottle in June. (opening, June 10 from 5-8p in conjunction with Caphill art walk.)

Alternately, you could go read my short 37 day blog that runs from April 19-May 25. Yes, it's quite busy around these parts lately.

Tomorrow I'll return to the 140 characters or less format.


Heke? You don't like Hamtaro? I'm ham ham heartbroken.

(image size: 6"x9")

Pinky St

It's hard for me to not buy 20 of these at a time.

(image size: 6"x9")

Vinyl Edward

My favorite "Bebop" character. Or maybe it's Spike?

(image size: 6"x9", sold at UCU, location unknown)


Sadly won't do my bidding.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Pontypridd, UK)

Skull a Day Resin Skull

My favorite skull that I own!

(image size: 6"x9", location: Richmond, VA)

(I can't wait to tell you about the project that Noah included me in! It's gonna' be great!)

McEnroesque Sugar Skull

For when you want to be a sore loser on Dia de los Muertos.

(image size: 6"x9")

My Melody Weeble

Wobbles sweetly and remains true to form in that it won't fall down.

(image size: 6"x9", sold at UCU, location unknown))

Animal Crossing Phone Charm

No, I won't apologize for loving "Animal Crossing" in its many iterations.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Shrewsbury, England)

Monorail Origami

Not origami of the monorail but from one of the monorail employees.

(image size: 6"x9")

Space Invader Button

From Art&me (altho there's nothing in his shop now.)

(image size: 6"x9", location: Seattle, WA)

BW Cat

I didn't realize that I owned so many plastic cats.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Worthing, UK)

Rat City Rollergirls Sticker

These ladies rock!

(image size: 6"x9", location: London, UK)

Flocked Bearbrick

Flocking is the 3D equivalent of black velvet painting.

(image size: 6"x9")

The Lost Sea

My favorite underground lake. Evar!

(image size: 6"x9")

Cubs Magnet

I lurve the Cubs but the Sox have better headlines.

(image size: 6"x9")

Vinyl Carl

Don't need no instructions to know how to rock.

(image size: 6"x9")

Pocari Sweat

Love the drink but I don't care so much for the new bottle. (I miss the squarish shape.)

(image size: 6"x9")

Milk Coffee Pocky

Almost as good as the kind for men.

(image size: 6"x9", location: West Chester, PA)

Sushi Grass

Bento sushi doesn't taste like bento sushi unless there's plastic grass.

(image size: 6"x9")

Spicy Chicken Snacks

Sweet *and* spicy. Plus the chicken is pretty great as well.

(image size: 6"x9", location: West Chester, PA)

Analog Beasties

Has been magnetically fighting for its right to party for 24 years.

(image size: 6"x9", location: Hillard, OH)

Komaneko Plush

From Jlist several years ago. About but you really want the vids.

(image size: 6"x9")


Maybe not my favorite character on "Bebop" but he's definitely the fuzziest.

(image size: 6"x9")