Fighting a Cold

Back tomorrow.

Janus Films

Got me through high school, college and most of my 30s.

(image size: 6"x9")

Little Boots

Every time I see it on my shelf it always gets this song stuck in my head.

(image size: 6"x9")

Sleepy Eyed Green Baboo

Leff has a penchant for half lidded vinyl. I do too.

(image size: 6"x9")

Chemical Gravy

Sometimes only chemical gravy will hit the spot.

(image size: 6"x9")

Button Ring

Especially great if made by Kristen (whose button book (that I'm in) is now available.

(image size: 6"x9")

Jigoku No Geki-Kara Drops

Hot as fuck. As such, lovely. More about drop candy.

(Thanks again, Chotda!)

(image size: 6"x9")

Cayenne Pepper

'Cause George likes his chicken spicy (and so do I).

(image size: 6"x9")

Saturday Bonus: Girlie Toy In Situ

Since it's a nice day, I thought you'd like to see the "Girlie Toy" painting in place.

Girlie Toy

I can't remember the name of this toy but Leff got it for me for a bday present? Maybe?

(image size: 6"x9")

Cheap Lip Gloss

I lose lip gloss too frequently to shell out for the good stuff.

(image size: 6"x9")

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Due to poor proprioception, I go through a ton of this stuff.

(image size: 6"x9")

Blue Food Dye

'Cause it's fun to say "That looks like the Smurf's breakfast!".

(image size: 4.25"x6")

Uncanned Squid

Still not for eating but for putting in your sink.

(image size: 4.25"x6")

10 Cent Pikachu

A dime for a cute yellow rat is a steal. (I also pikachoose to not grow up.)

(image size: 4.25"x6")

Model Chairs

Less expensive than their full sized counterparts. Only drawback: not suitable for sitting.

(image size: 6"x9")

Shawnimals' Son of Mustachio

Great from breaking the ice at parties.

(image size: 12"x5")

(Get one of your own. (No, this wasn't a paid placement. None of the things that I draw are.)

Dental Floss

Floss is awesome because plaque isn't.

(image size: 3"x3")

Back Very Soon!

Chances are good that I will post an image later today. However, due to a major construction project that may be finishing up at my house today, tomorrow or Sunday (ugh.), it might be a couple of days before I get back to you.

Thanks for your patience!


Tokidoki, Doggy Daddy! 'Cause milk does a body good!

(image size: 3"x3")

Plaid Cuff

It's like the 90's for your wrist. (from story line design)

(image size: 3"x3")

Pink Seal

So adorable it can be used as an appetite suppressant. (So cute it'll make you barf.)

(image size: 2"x2")

Free CFLs

CFLs rock but they're even better when you get free ones for trading in your incandescent bulbs.

(image size: 3"x3")

Doat Block

Unintentional "Simpsons" joke. (There is no "g" on the block.)

(image size: 3"x3")

Another Cat

This one from "Dragonball Z". I always found the tail placement to be unintentionally funny.

(image size: 3"x3", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction)

Magnifying Cat

Bought on a 2nd grade field trip. Has lost its lens but is still fucking awesome.

(image size: 3"x3")

Tiny Pink TV

From an old college friend. It gets the penguin channel!

(image size: 2.5"x2.75", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction))

Canned Squid

Not for eating but for freaking out relatives.

(image size: 3"x3.25")


My Dad and Stepmom saw Brobee at a mall. They laughed about not getting a pic for me. I wish they'd taken one.

(image size: 2"x3.25", location: Seattle, WA)

Gingerbread Heart Cookie

Festive, tasty + Valentine's Day makes me think of spring. (from)

(image size: 3"x2.5", location: Bremerton, WA)