Old Style

Not for the taste but because it reminds me of Wrigley Field. Also Inauguration Night, 2009.

(image size: 2.25"x2.75", location: Brooklyn, NY)


Only useful form of change (USD). Great for drinking games, parking, laundry, etc.

(image size: 3"x3")

Catcher in the Rye

I don't care if he's outdated, I still lit crush on Holden. Also sad about Salinger.

(image size: 2.5"x 5", location: Brooklyn, NY)

Pink Beary

Small and bobbleheaded, it has an easier time of nodding off than I do.

(image size: 3"x3", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction))


Keeping toothholes clean is gross but saying "You've been Monojected!" is fun.

(image size: 3"x3", location:  Seattle, WA)


If my body were a temple, it would be the kind with no roof.

(image size: 3"x3")


I once hitchhiked with a nun. Her habit kept the drivers in line.

(image size: 3"x3", location: Sacramento, CA)

Ceramic Voodoo Heart

Even though I'm not into voodoo, this heart works surprisingly well.

(image size: 3"x3", location: Brownsville, TX)


Two rabbits in one week? Sure. Only this one's gross.

(image size: 3"x3", location: Brownsville, TX)

HK Bento

Perfect size for a cat head biscuit.

(image size: 3"x3", location: Shrewsbury, UK)


Her original Dutch name was Nijntje. She didn't prepare me for the horrors of Watership Down.

(image size: 3"x3", location: West Chester, PA)

Bento Monkey

For sauces and such. Not for bananas.

(image size: 3"x3", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction))

Mint Tea

Fuck no this isn't about some halfassed political "movement". I just like tea in bag form.

(image size: 3"x3", location: West Chester, PA)

Pink Weeble

Many hours of my formative years were spent trying to make this fall down.

(image size: 3"x3", location: Durham, NC)

Ed. note-- I will also be wobbly this week as I'm having four wisdom teeth extracted today. Please be patient with me (and the Percocet) during the next seven days.

That Fisher Price Sheep

My little bro used to chew on his sheep's leg but cried when I said he liked mutton. Weird kid.

(image size: 3"X3", location unknown, donated to 2010 Strangercrombie Auction)

Thrift Store Pony

Wanna be Appaloosa ends up looking leopard.

(image size: 2"x2")

Spicy Tuna Bento

Sashimi (roll) me! Hope this wasn't last bento with Glew! *sad face here*

(image size: 3"x3")

Japanese Erasers

Too kawaii to use on mistakes.

(image size: 3"x4", location: Sheffield Lake, OH)

Pinback Pippi

I want to be Pippi when I grow up NOT the fucking Wendy's girl. (from minepress)

(image size: 2"x2", location: Brownsville, TX)

Hello, Rearranged Design Readers!

It's nice to see you!


Great for pains in the neck, ass, etc.

(image size: 2"x2")


Coffee is great but it's even better in a Butterstick mug.

(image size: 2"x2.75", location: Sheffield Lake, OH)

Promo Time

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Midair Designs Canvas Bag

By the guy who makes my favorite tag in the PNW. (Bought it at UCU.)

(image size: 6"x3")

Natty Glass

Perfect for taking beverages downy ocean.

(image size: 4.25"x2.25")

Catbus Magnet

Magnetized MRRRRRRRROOW! Catbus inspired by this? (from)

(image size: 3"x2.75")

Black Jack Gum

Failed chicle experiment with licorice flavor. Cool logo + will turn your teeth grey.

(image size: 3"x3.25")

This Squeaky Panda

Cute! Plus only 25 cents at a Memphis thrift store. Bonus: It can also be creepy.

(image size: 3"x2.75"

location: Normanhurst NW, Australia))

Cheap Pewter Skull Ring

'Cause nothing says style like a $2 reminder of mortality.

(image size: 3"x3")

Black Sharpies

Smell of art school. Plus if you scrape the "S" off, you can write with a "harpie".

(image size: 4"x2", location: Pacifica, CA)

Geek Glasses

Black frames on geeks are stupid sexy. Also, corrected vision is never overrated.

(image size: 3.75"x3.25", location: Stevens Point, WI)

Maneki Neko

Lucky cats are able to beckon wealth, good fortune, etc without resorting to lolspeak.

(image size: 3"x5", location: Sacramento, CA)

Fuck, etc.

I'm a believer in the anelgesic properties of profanity. They may or may not be topical.

(image size: 3"x5.5", location: Portland, OR)