Desperation Specs

Bought when I lost my regular sunglasses. Looked surprisingly ok!

Thanks for reading Stupid Fucking Awesome. I'm starting two new weekly blogs, Skull Diggery and Pax and AK tomorrow! Also, if you'd like to keep up with what's happening with me career wise, please check out the Rakkadeer blog! Hope to see you at one or all three of the sites!

Edit 2/10/11:  I've also added a daily collage blog with Excheckered.

Edit 5/13/11: Aaaand I've added a weekly-ish embroidery project too with Threadjacker. No, I don't sleep very much.

(Original painting available in my Etsy shop.)

Pink Headphones

Work really well when my hair is pink. When it's brown, not so much.

(image size: 5"X8", location:  Bloomington Illinois)

Infinity Sunglasses

When you wear these, you can see that monolith from "2010". J/k, nerd. Calm down.

(image size: 5"x8")

Original painting in my Etsy shop.

Swedish Hat

Much more kick ass than that Von Dutch bullshit ever was.

(image size: 5"x8")

Hidden Zebra Sunglasses

Nothing says class like hidden animal print. *snort laugh*

(image size: 5"x8")

Original painting in my Etsy shop.

Leopard Flocked Sunglasses

Super tacky which is what makes them awesome.

(image size: 5"x8")

Black Jackie O Sunglasses

Go great with a pink pillbox hat.

(image size: 5"X8")